Monday, 29 May 2017

Short but sweet!

Okay, so this week has been CRAAAYYY! Cluff was sick, so we went to the hospital. Yeah, we will just say, he was SICK. We found a sweet family, that has like 10 kids, and they are all sooo young. The mom takes care of them all, and the husband is an alcoholic. She and the kids CAME TO CHURCH! I don't know what it was, but I just know, that me and my comp, are supposed to help them a lot right now. It was a really great spiritual experience. But we will see where things go!

We have a baptism this SUNDAY!!! YAY!!! and he wants me to baptize him!!!!! 

The ETMs are coming again... so the last two weeks of the transfer, will be with them!! Here's to the start of two CRAZY WEEKS!!!!!!!

The president of the 70 is visiting our mish! The last week, soooo that's really exciting too!!

Today we are eating burgers... because there really isn't anything to do as a district jajaja but I'm excited!!!!! 


The difference between, light and dark, is that you will always see light no matter how dark it may seem. Just open your eyes, and look for it. Never give up.

Oh yeah, I spoke in church, about missionary work! They said they loved it, but not so sure they understood it... jajajajajajaja

Week in the South America!


Started off with face masks cause we was cansado (tired)

yeah i'm spider man

This, is the grossest thing I have eaten in my LIFE. Not just mission... LIFE. Could not finish it. I don't really remember what I used to make it...? Maybe that was the problem. Cluff, basically puked it up.

Yes. I bought a CACTUS! his name is GRANT. He lives beside my bed. He has two little arms, and he's just LITT.

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