Monday, 5 June 2017

Baptism and dog bites...

I have to make the quality of the GoPro video lower.. so then it can send, so next week hopefully I will have that down and ready to go!!!!!!!!! But for now, here we are with the old school, email. 

Had the ETMs, again, they are the best jajaja I love them! Elder Hall, and Elder Barrios!!! Helped so much!!

HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! His name is IVAN MARTINO!!! He's like a huge teddy bear! He's been investigating the church for like 4 years, but finally got baptized!!! The water was a bit cold, but I mean, it still happened! It was such an amazing day! Alma 22, is basically why he got baptized!

The scriptures are powerful! 

Juan Carlos... He is interesting! We went to his house like 3 times, and he had A MILLION questions. Legit. He also was a Priest in the Umbanda Cult... they basically serve Satan...He went to Brasil for that... sketch. But now he's Pentecostal... annnnnd the first time we went by, we gave him the Book of Mormon. He loved it! Right after that he told his pastor, and he was all like, Juan, how many were there? He said there were 2. Then the pastor goes, "YOU MUST LISTEN AND LEARN THEIR DOCTRINE BECAUSE THEY ARE CALLED OF GOD."  But you are Pentecostal. Don't join them.... it was like ughhhhhh? So the last time we went by, we were testifying and telling him he needs to ask God, and he cuts off elder Hall, and looks at me and tells me I have a fever, and I have to go home tonight and fast, and drink a special tea... I was like "Thanks.".. but no... jajajajaja He's interesting.

A dog bit my shoulder yesterday... straight up jumped, in the air, and tried biting me. He nibbled, but then Elder hall punched it in the face.... jajajaja dogs.

Anyway, highlight of the weeks, defs the baptism!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Love you all so so much!!"! 

D&C 112: 10
"Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers."

Elder Heinzlmeir

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