Monday, 29 May 2017

Short but sweet!

Okay, so this week has been CRAAAYYY! Cluff was sick, so we went to the hospital. Yeah, we will just say, he was SICK. We found a sweet family, that has like 10 kids, and they are all sooo young. The mom takes care of them all, and the husband is an alcoholic. She and the kids CAME TO CHURCH! I don't know what it was, but I just know, that me and my comp, are supposed to help them a lot right now. It was a really great spiritual experience. But we will see where things go!

We have a baptism this SUNDAY!!! YAY!!! and he wants me to baptize him!!!!! 

The ETMs are coming again... so the last two weeks of the transfer, will be with them!! Here's to the start of two CRAZY WEEKS!!!!!!!

The president of the 70 is visiting our mish! The last week, soooo that's really exciting too!!

Today we are eating burgers... because there really isn't anything to do as a district jajaja but I'm excited!!!!! 


The difference between, light and dark, is that you will always see light no matter how dark it may seem. Just open your eyes, and look for it. Never give up.

Oh yeah, I spoke in church, about missionary work! They said they loved it, but not so sure they understood it... jajajajajajaja

Week in the South America!


Started off with face masks cause we was cansado (tired)

yeah i'm spider man

This, is the grossest thing I have eaten in my LIFE. Not just mission... LIFE. Could not finish it. I don't really remember what I used to make it...? Maybe that was the problem. Cluff, basically puked it up.

Yes. I bought a CACTUS! his name is GRANT. He lives beside my bed. He has two little arms, and he's just LITT.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Pizza, knives and ...Dug

SOOOO THIS WEEK WAS PRETTY RAD! i caught a bird in my hands, in the chapel at our district meeting. that was fun! His name was kevin! Our area is legit HUGE!!! we are getting fed now by the members so thats good! We have a baptism JUNE 4th!!!!! YAY! his name is Ivan!!! He's been investigating for almost 5 years now! We have to teach him using using a chess game for the plan of salvation! 

We used the three cups and three knives example to represent reading, praying and going to church, and if you take a glass away, everything falls. The knives do too.... yup. The knives fell off the table and almost killed his DOG.... Good one elder... I tried.

The dog is messed. He was in a car accident, and should have lost his leg, but they sewed it back on, and so it just hangs there when he walks... For real. Weird. but he's not dead! That's what matters. 

Found some gobstoppers!!!! That was awesome!! We literally worked sooo hard this week!!! We killed it!! Didn't run into trouble other than buying a flat of eggs for 2 bucks, out of a sketchy villa kiosk... All is well... for now anyways jajaja

Elder Heinzlmeir and Elder Cluff.

Canada exists!

JAJA love you all,

Elder Heinzlmeir❤

I received a good object lesson today from the missionaries. They had 3 glasses face down and 3 butter knives. My challenge was to use the knives somehow to hold up my scriptures so that they would not touch the ground. The 3 knives represented Reading the Scriptures, Attending Church, and Praying. These 3 things, if consistently practiced, would life me and my family up from the rest of the world and put me on higher ground. Eventually they showed me how to criss-cross the knives so that they were all stable enough to hold the weight of the scriptures. The 3 work to hold each other up. If we continue to read our scriptures, attend church, and pray, we can be lifted up above the things of the world. 

we was hungry... super trucho

Invitations for our baptism!

My teacher in the CCM and her mom, who never smiles.... jajaja its was a great lunch!


I was dyin' allergy

Dug dugged me.

Monday, 15 May 2017

We got to Skype with our boy!

Da trio for this TRANSFER!!!!! Elder LARSON AND CLUFF

We make tooo much of these... explains why i'm a bit fofo...

Too excited about the Philly cream cheese we found, i ignored the camera

Idk what kinda smile that is... sorry...

Sunday morning, pancakes popin. 

Church. Church boys

The family, after skype, she gave me a glass of milk and cookies, and said, i know. its okay to be trunky, but here, eat your sorrows...

the sketch elevator

Bueno, Sooooo For reals, love my new area! no so much villa, but AMERICAN CANDY!!!
Love our comps!! we always have a party!!! spiritual parties....
Ya fue.

Okay, sooooooooo when i get my gopro, i will start sending weeklys from that. Stay tuned y'all. 
Also, Americans don't know Canada is real. So lets stay true to our Canadian blood!! 


Have an amazing week!!!

Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 8 May 2017

Another photo report...

This week he was tight on time (mostly because he and I were 'chatting' back and forth during his email time...which I love) so he didn't get a 'weekly' post compiled.  I will summarize some of the things he said and post the pics.

He loves his new companion, Elder Cluff, from Texas, but I guess his father is from Utah so Texas and Utah?  He loves to talk and that is just what Lew needs!  AND, of course he speaks English so they have a bit of a break from Spanish Immersion! lol  Don't worry, he said that his Spanish is really coming together...and they have language study each and every day.

His area is great, adjusting to it takes some time. Lots of changes in the whole mission this last transfer so things are a bit crazy.  He has a Zone Conference next week so that's really great because they get to see everyone in the mission...he got to see Elder Linnell today (his CCM buddy) and that made his day!

Another young man in our ward got his mission call to the Argentina Nueqeun Mission, just South of Lewis.  Lew has a friend in that mission right now as well.  They don't really get to see other missionaries from the missions around theirs...there are 14 separate missions in Argentina!  It's a big place and lots of missionary work going on!

It's a completely different world there, and he has really had to adjust to this different lifestyle.  The weather, the bugs (as you saw in the cockroach video!), the language, the food, the living arrangements, rejection, crime etc.  But he loves the people!  He is loving the language now that he can speak and understand it.  He loves sharing the Gospel and seeing positive changes in people. These humble people in very humble circumstances have really made him see the world in a different way.  These are lessons that really change a person forever.  He is reaching his first quarter completed and the best part is that we get to Skype next Sunday on Mother's Day!  Best gift ever for a Mamma.

We are so proud of our missionary and all that he is doing to help others and in turn he is helping himself become a better, stronger, more gracious person (even though he was pretty awesome before he started this part of his journey...).

I want to thank you all for your support and prayers on his behalf.  He loves you all and is pressing on, even the hard days...because it's worth it.

The Mamma...for

Elder Heinzlmeir

Something familiar to 'spice' up his food!

Views from his apartment

He loves the beauty of the world...especially sunrises and sunsets! the kitchen...

I really don't know...any guesses?

I think flash flooding is a problem...

Monday, 1 May 2017

A photo blog this week!

I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!! I'm in Parque Baron, and my new comp is Elder Cluff!!! He's from Texas!!!! This week was filled with good-byes, which is why it's almost all pictures!! But it was amazing!! Shaving cream fights, and spiritual experiences! Had the opportunity to bless a home, and that was just incredible!!! The ward of San Alberto is special. It grew a lot this past 3 months.

I'm excited to see what this next week has in store!!!!!!!!

Elder Heinzlmeir

Reppin Canada!!! our zone did these!!!!!! 

Margarita y Sol, they are literally saints, they gave us like a huge bag of fruit and veggies, like everyday for helping them close down their shop thingy

Elder Figueroa, hit his 1 year... fire danced. we did. yes.

Whats the narry life without slumber parties? jajaja 

Cristian, our investigator who we found last week.... BOOM! he's so great! has a date, and its gunna be so exciting to see pics when he gets baptized!

Vanesa, Shes totally the best! shes on date too!!!! sad i wont be there but just so stoked i was ablwe to start teachiong her!!

The nice chicas in the ward, that always gave us food jajajaja

Ummm she's super nice!!! also gave us food every Sunday

Hna Cotos, she works in the CCM, and was sweet cause she didn't really remember who i was... but thats okay. she makes great empanadas

Cause we were all leaving!!!!! Dulce de Leche!!!!!!!! ahhhhh so good!

Familia Ajiah, Our ward mission leader as well! They are seriously the best!

Familia De Francisco!!! Hopefully they get baptized too, they made some great progress!!! they were super close to us!!!

Peque. We were friends... he bit me on occasion.. but were still friends..

Our neighbours! less actives, but our best friends!!!!

Santi!!!! what a cutie

Fetchin wendy

Hna Gonzales!!! Every Friday we ate mila de carne! it was yummy!!! 

Hna Ponce, y Angel, They were legit, super nice. They were sad we were leaving, but they made us pizzas! Members!

Squad de San Alberto

Papa y Hijo

Add caption


Mas de familia Ajiah

Familia Cordoba! Me and elder Figueroa were the missionaries, that reactivated them!! The dad isn't a member, but is started to take the lessons!!!!

They loved the missionaries... and my horrible EspaƱol

Our neighbours, Mirna. she was like my mission mom, washed my clothes and waved good bye to me in the mornings!!! love them!!

San Alberto bunks...I don't know why i look like that... 

wild horse chillen in the streets in San Alberto

last roof pic

last squad pic

Ofelia, she's literally the funniest person ever. She wants me to visit her after the mish, eternal investigator!!! But we loved passing by and asking how she was!!!

Ciro, he is adorbs


Flippen cheto (he's calling it 'posh') lol  I guess it's a comparison...