Monday, 8 May 2017

Another photo report...

This week he was tight on time (mostly because he and I were 'chatting' back and forth during his email time...which I love) so he didn't get a 'weekly' post compiled.  I will summarize some of the things he said and post the pics.

He loves his new companion, Elder Cluff, from Texas, but I guess his father is from Utah so Texas and Utah?  He loves to talk and that is just what Lew needs!  AND, of course he speaks English so they have a bit of a break from Spanish Immersion! lol  Don't worry, he said that his Spanish is really coming together...and they have language study each and every day.

His area is great, adjusting to it takes some time. Lots of changes in the whole mission this last transfer so things are a bit crazy.  He has a Zone Conference next week so that's really great because they get to see everyone in the mission...he got to see Elder Linnell today (his CCM buddy) and that made his day!

Another young man in our ward got his mission call to the Argentina Nueqeun Mission, just South of Lewis.  Lew has a friend in that mission right now as well.  They don't really get to see other missionaries from the missions around theirs...there are 14 separate missions in Argentina!  It's a big place and lots of missionary work going on!

It's a completely different world there, and he has really had to adjust to this different lifestyle.  The weather, the bugs (as you saw in the cockroach video!), the language, the food, the living arrangements, rejection, crime etc.  But he loves the people!  He is loving the language now that he can speak and understand it.  He loves sharing the Gospel and seeing positive changes in people. These humble people in very humble circumstances have really made him see the world in a different way.  These are lessons that really change a person forever.  He is reaching his first quarter completed and the best part is that we get to Skype next Sunday on Mother's Day!  Best gift ever for a Mamma.

We are so proud of our missionary and all that he is doing to help others and in turn he is helping himself become a better, stronger, more gracious person (even though he was pretty awesome before he started this part of his journey...).

I want to thank you all for your support and prayers on his behalf.  He loves you all and is pressing on, even the hard days...because it's worth it.

The Mamma...for

Elder Heinzlmeir

Something familiar to 'spice' up his food!

Views from his apartment

He loves the beauty of the world...especially sunrises and sunsets! the kitchen...

I really don't know...any guesses?

I think flash flooding is a problem...

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