Monday, 15 May 2017

We got to Skype with our boy!

Da trio for this TRANSFER!!!!! Elder LARSON AND CLUFF

We make tooo much of these... explains why i'm a bit fofo...

Too excited about the Philly cream cheese we found, i ignored the camera

Idk what kinda smile that is... sorry...

Sunday morning, pancakes popin. 

Church. Church boys

The family, after skype, she gave me a glass of milk and cookies, and said, i know. its okay to be trunky, but here, eat your sorrows...

the sketch elevator

Bueno, Sooooo For reals, love my new area! no so much villa, but AMERICAN CANDY!!!
Love our comps!! we always have a party!!! spiritual parties....
Ya fue.

Okay, sooooooooo when i get my gopro, i will start sending weeklys from that. Stay tuned y'all. 
Also, Americans don't know Canada is real. So lets stay true to our Canadian blood!! 


Have an amazing week!!!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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