Monday, 1 May 2017

A photo blog this week!

I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!! I'm in Parque Baron, and my new comp is Elder Cluff!!! He's from Texas!!!! This week was filled with good-byes, which is why it's almost all pictures!! But it was amazing!! Shaving cream fights, and spiritual experiences! Had the opportunity to bless a home, and that was just incredible!!! The ward of San Alberto is special. It grew a lot this past 3 months.

I'm excited to see what this next week has in store!!!!!!!!

Elder Heinzlmeir

Reppin Canada!!! our zone did these!!!!!! 

Margarita y Sol, they are literally saints, they gave us like a huge bag of fruit and veggies, like everyday for helping them close down their shop thingy

Elder Figueroa, hit his 1 year... fire danced. we did. yes.

Whats the narry life without slumber parties? jajaja 

Cristian, our investigator who we found last week.... BOOM! he's so great! has a date, and its gunna be so exciting to see pics when he gets baptized!

Vanesa, Shes totally the best! shes on date too!!!! sad i wont be there but just so stoked i was ablwe to start teachiong her!!

The nice chicas in the ward, that always gave us food jajajaja

Ummm she's super nice!!! also gave us food every Sunday

Hna Cotos, she works in the CCM, and was sweet cause she didn't really remember who i was... but thats okay. she makes great empanadas

Cause we were all leaving!!!!! Dulce de Leche!!!!!!!! ahhhhh so good!

Familia Ajiah, Our ward mission leader as well! They are seriously the best!

Familia De Francisco!!! Hopefully they get baptized too, they made some great progress!!! they were super close to us!!!

Peque. We were friends... he bit me on occasion.. but were still friends..

Our neighbours! less actives, but our best friends!!!!

Santi!!!! what a cutie

Fetchin wendy

Hna Gonzales!!! Every Friday we ate mila de carne! it was yummy!!! 

Hna Ponce, y Angel, They were legit, super nice. They were sad we were leaving, but they made us pizzas! Members!

Squad de San Alberto

Papa y Hijo

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Mas de familia Ajiah

Familia Cordoba! Me and elder Figueroa were the missionaries, that reactivated them!! The dad isn't a member, but is started to take the lessons!!!!

They loved the missionaries... and my horrible EspaƱol

Our neighbours, Mirna. she was like my mission mom, washed my clothes and waved good bye to me in the mornings!!! love them!!

San Alberto bunks...I don't know why i look like that... 

wild horse chillen in the streets in San Alberto

last roof pic

last squad pic

Ofelia, she's literally the funniest person ever. She wants me to visit her after the mish, eternal investigator!!! But we loved passing by and asking how she was!!!

Ciro, he is adorbs


Flippen cheto (he's calling it 'posh') lol  I guess it's a comparison...


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