Monday, 22 May 2017

Pizza, knives and ...Dug

SOOOO THIS WEEK WAS PRETTY RAD! i caught a bird in my hands, in the chapel at our district meeting. that was fun! His name was kevin! Our area is legit HUGE!!! we are getting fed now by the members so thats good! We have a baptism JUNE 4th!!!!! YAY! his name is Ivan!!! He's been investigating for almost 5 years now! We have to teach him using using a chess game for the plan of salvation! 

We used the three cups and three knives example to represent reading, praying and going to church, and if you take a glass away, everything falls. The knives do too.... yup. The knives fell off the table and almost killed his DOG.... Good one elder... I tried.

The dog is messed. He was in a car accident, and should have lost his leg, but they sewed it back on, and so it just hangs there when he walks... For real. Weird. but he's not dead! That's what matters. 

Found some gobstoppers!!!! That was awesome!! We literally worked sooo hard this week!!! We killed it!! Didn't run into trouble other than buying a flat of eggs for 2 bucks, out of a sketchy villa kiosk... All is well... for now anyways jajaja

Elder Heinzlmeir and Elder Cluff.

Canada exists!

JAJA love you all,

Elder Heinzlmeir❤

I received a good object lesson today from the missionaries. They had 3 glasses face down and 3 butter knives. My challenge was to use the knives somehow to hold up my scriptures so that they would not touch the ground. The 3 knives represented Reading the Scriptures, Attending Church, and Praying. These 3 things, if consistently practiced, would life me and my family up from the rest of the world and put me on higher ground. Eventually they showed me how to criss-cross the knives so that they were all stable enough to hold the weight of the scriptures. The 3 work to hold each other up. If we continue to read our scriptures, attend church, and pray, we can be lifted up above the things of the world. 

we was hungry... super trucho

Invitations for our baptism!

My teacher in the CCM and her mom, who never smiles.... jajaja its was a great lunch!


I was dyin' allergy

Dug dugged me.

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