Monday, 24 April 2017

El narco, La mujer borracha, y El mariachi

As you can tell by the intro, you know this week was something else. Yes. Translation, The drug King, the drunk woman, and the mariachi band. 

First off, El narco.

Lets just say, we are now accepted in one of the villas..aka ghettos. We are `brothers´.  So that's good news cause we can proselyte there now!! WHOHOO!! He and his wife and kids are coming to church on Sunday!!!!!! Stoked for that!! But legit, this is the ghetto, people die here every day!!!! (This is only funny for those who have seen the movie called, Malibu Most Wanted!) He's our newest investigator!! He legit has sooooo much potential!!! and we are brothers he says, so thats cool!!!!!

Then walking back home on a sketchy pathway, we come across this lady, 29 years old, hands in pockets, asks if we had anything...intending to rob us. We gladly said we have books. "Do you want one?" She said yes!!!!!!! WOW! She was actually super sweet. Sad story. She is having a very hard time in life, and was crying. We had a very deep heart-to-heart, and we explained we can help her. We then scheduled an appointment to meet with her!! So thats pretty cool too!!! Crazy how we can find people who are ready, in the most crazy of situations!

The Mariachi.. Of course I was drawn to the funny white suits, and sombreros, trumpets and all.  We stayed a bit, waiting for them to play... but they went into a house instead...I don't know what for, maybe a proposal or something, or great granny Doris' birthday party. It was still cool!! ANNND we found another new future contact!!! So YES!!!

Now if you're asking, is that the funniest part of the week? No, it is not. This is. There we were, at a members house for almuerzo (lunch), and not gunna lie, really had to tough that one through. But as we were smiling, (because the food part was over), I shared a scripture, and all was well!! Then my companion started testifying. All within the norm routine. All the while, I was holding in a fart, yes.(sorry people, this should maybe be censored, lol) Yes, I was.  Because of my discomfort, I decided to risk it.  I thought I could let it out quietly and slowly, and right when my companion stopped talking, mid-testifying, BOOM! Everyone was looking at each other in unbelief as if to say, "What? Did that really just happen? I couldn't blame it on Elder Quintana who was beside me either....yup. We all laughed. And history was made. Don't think that story is gunna quiet down anytime soon... JAJAJA I cant believe that happened. Kinda scared myself, too jaja. 

Oh, and I'm also bald. Yes, a buzz cut. Happened.

Oh, and the people here don't believe Christopher Columbus discovered America. They were all say, "yo, we here tho." He also has a different name. Cristobal Colon. Yeah. Divertido! (funny)

Had to kick a gang of churritos out of the church property, there were like 37 of them!! That was interesting! Thank goodness their futbol popped, must have been the spirit!!! jajaja!! 

Study Luke 7. Its beautiful. Verse 37, a woman brought an alabaster box. Super special. Verse 38, she washes Jesus feet with her tears and her hair, and anoints His feet with her oils. This lady gave Jesus all she had, gave him the most respect she could, and was faithful. In verse 47 "...she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little." In  vs. 50, "Thy faith have saved thee, go in peace."  (I love that he found this and it meant so much to him!  This happens to be the scripture reference to a song that was written to express the emotion in these verses, and is one of my most favourite.  I always get goose-bumps and teary when I listen to it.)

From this, we can learn that in all reality, if we come unto Christ with all we have, be humble, love him, love the people around you, love everyone, and have faith, we will receive answers and we will see miracles, right before our eyes. Faith is so important, something I learned this week. When you pray, have faith that you will receive answers. Have faith that He is there. Come unto him, because He cares for you. 

I finish training this week!!!!! YAY! 

We have a lot of investigators who are really close to being baptized, but need to go to church first. One of our investigators, Nahuel, is a super cool dude. He's 22. He wants a life change. He's taking the steps to have that happen! He has so many stories!! He went from smoking 12 cigarettes a day, to 1 and a half!! We had given him a blessing to have the strength to quit. He's progressing a lot!
Vanesa, she's the best! She's 15 and she is so ready!! She loves church!!! And she's legit just always happy!!! Just waiting for her dad's permission!! 

This Saturday we are hoping for about 4 baptisms!! 

We also had our movie night tradition(at home we have Pizza and movie with treats each Friday evening) in the pench-- ice cream and movie! We watched meet the mormons!! YAY!!! 

Our set up

Bad angle. Lasagna from Familia De Francisco

San Alberto. and when i had hair.

My life...

Yo y Elder Villalon

Monday, 17 April 2017

Well this week started off LITT!!! Ate burritos. Cause yes, any Mexican missionary, at least one time a transfer will make a feast of Mexican food. They were SOOOO good. Viva Mexico. 

And then Tuesdays had transfers with Elder Brown!!!! for about 6 hours... and had to end them cause I had to go over to Adroge for paperwork for my Visas... had to wake up extra early for that.. YAY!!!! But they were fun, adventures as always, and Elder Cahoon bought facturas... so it was all worth it!!! 

Every Saturday we wake up at 6, and go play futbol with some members!! It's pre fun.  It's always Canada vs. South Amarica!!!!!

Transfers are in two weeks, and there's a good chance that mi papanua will leave me. I'll probably stay another transfer here! But thats okay because just this past Sunday someone remembered my name!!!! I call that progress!!!!!!! 

ONLY GOT YELLED AT TWICE THIS WEEK!! YES!! It's okay, I don't really understand when they yell anyway, in my head I just imagine they are telling me I'm a lovely son of God. Yes, I am!!!!!

We had pizza at Hna Cotos house! So yummy!!  The members gave us tons of chocolate!! It's super sweet of them!! They obsess over easter festivities. Easter this year was in Español. Different, but still great!!! 

Today for pday we just played some more Futbol, so that was pre litt. 
It's cold. Who knew, right? A country that literally has a sun in the middle of the flag, gets cold. But yay for Hot Nesquik.

Not too much for sketchiness this week, it was more so chill. Also, here attached is the video how I'm learning Español. Applies to everyone. Please enjoy, and listen to its teachings. (lol, it's an animated video on how we should drink 8 glasses of water a day!)
Theres a bunch of little tiny Argentinos starring hardcore at the monitor right now. Don't know if it's the english... or maybe I got some weird thing on the back of my head.

Didn't have hot water this morning. But all was well. I hope my neighbours didn't mind my yelling.... jajajaja

Hey, go do something adventurous this week.

Spiritual note, You don't have to go far to FIND your testimony. Because you have it. You just have to learn how to UNDERSTAND it. Never give up on yourself. Even when you feel like throwing in the towel, keep it. It might come in handy. 

Challenge. This week, think about one person who you might be able to make smile. Who needs some words of love. And Take the time to go see them, and tell them face to face how cared and loved they are.

Elder Brown and a Manaos

Elder Bautista. Yes the same like Toronto Blue Jays

Its like a Taco, but he called them burritos

He asked if i was cold, I said yes

This was early...

Fua!!!! MAIL!!!!!

Nesquik, banana milk... it was gross. but still drank it

Our mugs. Its how we bond.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Food that was meant for dogs...

From this email subject you can already know this week was interesting...
To change this up a bit, decided to change the usual, pasta with tomato puree... so I made some Pan de Carne.. in English...meatloaf. No, not the kind grandma makes when you come in from making a snowman. No, this is the CANNED form. Some would mistake it for Dog Food, but really is intended for humans. 
It was practice. OOOHH Hermana, su comida es MUY RICO!!!! (Oh sister, your food is very tasty!)  Cough cough, sip water, gags, sips water.... Bleh, it was great jajajaja!

Douglas died. Our house newt. I shed some tears. Oh, I was sick, but all good now. Had some movie nights with ice cream with mi compa. It was LITT. Love church movies. 

Intercambios (exchanges) con Elder Tolintino, He's from Peru and has 3 weeks left in the mish... He's muy Capo!! Fetch jaja the mish is so interesting.
Ever Saturday, we call the mornings, Tormenta blanca. This means white storm. All the missionaries from the zone, gather in one zone and help get contacts and NI. Nuevo Investigadres. And we were helping the sisters. The area that me and my comp had, was super super cheto... as in rich. They were super angry at us. They don't like Mormons... I was accused of being a Yankee... which is a white person from the states.. through his yelling and cussin' in Spanish, I reassured him I'm from Canada... Didn't seem to help. I apologized for using his electricity to ring his doorbell. That didn't help either.(shocker) I waved a told him I hope he has a good day. JAJA it was funny.

CONTACT in ENGLISH!!!!! Wow that was weird. Whe is a government translator, and English is hard. (I assuming it's hard for HER, unless he's already forgotten it himself!) But it was really cool to talk with a Latina in English!!!! 

I'm getting FOFO.... it means flabby. That stops now. 

Oh yeah, saw a drug deal. SUPER NOT LOW KEY... drugs are a problem here. And everyone smokes WEED!!  All is well here in San Alberto. JA JA jajaja

I love you!!!❤

Elder Figueroa

Elder King Lewy

Papanua en el mision

Nope. Its not dog food. Its people food.

Yes. I ate this.

Hermana, es muy RICO... No. Disgusting



Lol.. excuse my fofoness


Dats Mirna and some niñas

Don't ever eat this... it is not from America. mentiras (lies)

Yeah.. sorry

Someone had too much ranch... 

It wasn't the greatest....

Monday, 3 April 2017

Yay for Bach!

This week went faster then a San Justo bus at mid-day... If you don't know what that means, just imagine a bus trying to be a formula-one car driving through a construction zone going 163km-h.. Yeah.

Had some other narries (his slang for 'missionaries') stay the week with us at our pench to help us again! SO many opportunities to share the gospel!! Its pretty amazing!! Blessings upon blessings. Optimistic that things might brighten up here in San Alberto.

WOW. We found a dead dog on the front yard of the capilla (chapel) after playing futbol in the morning... I Love Dogs. I'm glad all dogs go to heaven.❤

Found out the news that the legacy and legend I left behind at the CCM (Missionary Training Centre) of eating 100 bowls of Coco Puffs for the duration of my stay, has continued for 4 generations of missionaries. YAY. One of my most proud accomplishments!!

Had zone conference!! It was so fun!!! We played Futbol!! Everyone knew me as CANADA. Straight up represent! Someone took out President.. kicked his shins while playing jaja oops.. wouldn't wanna be him.. 

ALBERTO and HNA DORILDA! they are porbs the most lit event this weekend besides everything else! I love them so so much!! Alberto is our investigator, from Italy, who lives by himself. And everytime we go over to teach him, he makes us PIZZA! El es muy capo!(He is the 'boss'!) Tambien, (also) Hna Dorilda is actually from another zone.. 4 blocks away from ours...but the narries don't visit her.  She's a member, who makes the most lit food ever!! So we took initiative and let her feed us! Cause San Alberto.. struggles with member meals. Her house is like mini Canada for reals!! She has pics of mountains everywhere, and I for reals thought they were from Canada.. but nope.. apparently they are not. Now every time that the missionaries from my zone see mountains, they look at me and laugh cause they know I'm 2 seconds away from saying "hey look... CANADA!!"

Apparently the members from my ward weren't kidding when they continuously asked if I was a new missionary or what my name was... Either they ain't fam, or I ain't doin' a good enough job... But straight up.. common plz. I've been here for 2 months... I still love them though jajaja.

I'm starting to dig classical music. It's a nice substitute for EDM and RAP while I'm out serving!! Like Bach's 2nd symphony. Magical.

Conference. All the gringos watched it in a room by ourselves in English!! It was AMAZING! This conference was truly inspired and gave so many revelations and love. And then we lost signal... sooooo for a little bit of it, had to watch it with everyone else in Español... and lemme just tell you.. it just ain't the same... 

For all you reading my blog, and following my adventures, Thank you!!❤ Thank you for supporting me on my adventure. And secondly, stand up inside!  Life is hard. Life knocks you down and sometimes becomes unbearable. Or so it seems. Look for the light of Christ, and stand up inside. Don't let your soul ever give up. Don't let yourself be negative or let go of hope or faith. That is what helps you stand up inside. Hold on to whatever particles of Faith and Hope you have, and go be charitable. And I promise you, you will see a change, you will be able to stand back up, but 360 ninja punch life in the throat. TKO. Plus you'll be able to truly smile, and have another lit adventure. I am right with you supporting you all, praying and sharing your stories with the people here. Go influence and love someone who is truly in need.

I love you

Elder Heinzlmeir.. Or Elder Canada

YAY for Duglas. He was eating the maggots we had on the roof!

Manaos.. as usual. Olives.. weird

Elder Rocha. Es de Brasil

Elder Quintana

Fetchin Villalon

Lol.. Mi compa

2kg de Helado

Elder Marquez. De Mexico. Viva Tacos. 

Futbol. Canada Ganar.

Common.. 2 years. doin pretty facha

Something bout Walmart shavers.. oh wait... maybe it's just me.. 

Hno Valasquez. Mi maestro (teacher) en la CCM

He's like the best. I love him so much! He woke me up every morning at the CCM. Volunteer the entire time I was there. Lovely reunion.

Its called bang. Its the funnest game ever. Its like Uno but on sterriods from banladash.

Conferencia general

Elder Brown

Mi espasio

Es un poco de... nah mucho lluvia....(just a little...nah, a LOT of rain)

How facha is Elder Brown's corbata...? Ultra Lit.