Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oh dear...no heading for this one...speaks for itself.

Wow this week. Just straight wow. ETMs were here to help the area, we went from like 3 solid investigators to about 19! Gave away 4 boxes of Book of Mormons and 50 new future investigators. Holy. It was AWESOME! Elder Gonzales legit is hilarious... there just something about Elder Gonzaless.. 
Almost peed my pants last Monday... walking back to the pench, it was straight pain.. 1 more minute and I would've peed my pants. So my comp, clapped at a random door and asked if I could use his bathroom cause it was an emergency... cause it was.. BLESSINGS. ALL GOOD. jajaja that was funny. Tuesday, walking to the bus stop, we were greeted by this dude, musta been like 20.. kinda sketch... intending to rob us, asked us what we had, who we were type of deal, told him we represent Jesus Christ. And then he goes boom..visit me and my family!  I was like today? He was like "ya". Now he and his family are investigating!!! jajaja Happens quite regularly actually... with the people who try to rob us, we eventually run into again, and they end up taking the lessons jajajaja!! SUPER FUNNY!!

A testigo... AKA Jehovah's Witness, a contact, asked where I was from, and what language I spoke, then told me that he didn't understand me, and that he only understands Castillano (the local language - form of Spanish)... then had a 5 minute convo with him about Jesus... Have a nice day señor... jajaja fetch. Legit sometimes I'll say something is Español, they won't have a clue what I just said... and then my comp will repeat EXACTLY what I said, and they go "OOOOOHHHHH!" It's like for reals bruh? 

Blessings- Leaving the pench, I asked my comp if he had oil, he said nah, so we walked back a little and I ran to go get mine. Later in the day, a less active lady asked for a blessing for healing. The spirit really does speak to us!
This is litt!!!! About a month and a bit ago, I stopped to talk with this old lady, her name is Maria Matilda. She is awesome, and old. Not interested, but still amigos. Then early this week, she was outside, and I just felt like we should say hello. We talked for a bit and then a second later, where we would have been if we didn't stop, a car stopped, pulled a gun on this dude, and the other guy punched him and knocked him down, and took his backpack. The car, in less than 1 second, took off and disappeared. PS. the car was stolen too... Missionaries really are blessed with safety. And your prayers are really answered. Thank you for everyone who is praying for a missionary. Because for real. Blessings. 

A member has a little tiny vulcher thingy.. its weird jaja!

Eating breaky.. Frosted Flakes.. and I go to scratch my neck and guess what..? FETCHIN COCKROACH WAS CRAWLIN ON MEH!!! Oh my. I freaked.... legit.. 7 am and everyone thought I was dying... just a cucaracha... We litt him up.. with fire.. ugh. Gross. jajajajaja! Also, went from casi 1 lunch a week, to lunch and cena EVERYDAY this week!! it was awesome!! (1 lunch made by members of the ward each week - to a lunch and a dinner each day last week!  This is a big deal to missionaries!)

Idk if i mentioned the dog on the side of the road with no eyeballs... very much sad. 

Alphajores are the best thing ever!!!!!!! look them up. They are like glorified wagon wheels!!!!

I love you 

Elder Heinz❤

San ALberto plus ETMS

Elder Gonzales

Elder Barrios

Love his tie

OMAR my favorito

These must be the larvae from last week - on the CEILING...not the roof in the kitchen lol

Family and Alberto, Our Investigator

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  1. Crazy stuff man. Love the stories of your adventure! Would love to email you directly if that's allowed. We had talked about it before a while back. Let me know. My email is joshmantai@gmail.com.