Monday, 20 March 2017

Language, larvi, and Gauchito Gil...and a poor, unfortunate kitty.

Wow. This week was straight RARO.... We went to visit one of our contacts again, so normally, we clap, and wait, and this perro (dog) comes running. He is so strange... he runs in perfect circles, barking at the same spot each time, and it's just really funny. But this time was different... he had a kitten in his mouth...a dead kitten. While he was running it would just bounce in his mouth. My heart broke. While talking to this lady at her gate, the perro finally put the kitten down... right in eye sight.. it was looking at me... while I was trying to preach to this lady. I didn't know what to do!!!!! Not funny. 

Pastors are straight up rude. They hate Mormons. There are some pretty scary religions here, like worshipping the devil, witchcraft, potions, and animal sacrifices and who know what else.. they chant, and stuff too... but scripture power keeps me safe from sin, and scary things!

They have an Argentino Robin Hood. His name is Gauchito Gil. He's a God here. People worship him. They have these little doll houses all over with a statue of him. He's basically Nocho Libre. They worship Nocho Libre. It's kinda ridiculous!! Jajaja but it's their culture, so its cool!! (It's a cool story that dates back to the 1800' it!)

Teaching English is struggggllllleeee.... only because I mess up Spanish. Two words this week I messed up... first was the 'b' word, and then I was trying to say 'page', but I wasn't speaking properly and said 'vagina' instead.... yeah thank goodness only my comp heard that one. But com'on Elder Lew, step up your game!!!!

Intercambios con Elder Brown!! (Exchanges with Elder Brown) He's from Utah, and he's super litt!!! He's in Villegas, which is like super villa. No paved roads, but it's such an amazing area!! Gun shot last night!! When we went proselyting, we found some kids playing football (soccer), and we challenged them. If we scored, they had to listen to us!!!! They beat us... but they still listened!! Super cool way to contact!! The kids here are so nice jaja I love them!!! 

There was about 53 larvi on our roof in the kitchen... I got bored of counting because they kept moving.... but I think they are all dead now... 

TACO BELL!! (Not really...he just cooks things that taste similar..) Made some more taco things... closest thing to Taco Bell!!!!

The next two weeks we have misionaries coming called ETMs.  They are like specialists, and they just help with the work and boost everything! So 6 chicos in our pench... (6 guys living in the same flat for 2 weeks!)  Going to be crazy. Who's going to win the next game of monopoly?

I'm going to look for a bug net, or maybe extra strong raid. It's fall here. It's like perfect weather!!!!!! (And apparently the mosquitoes die down during the fall! Yay for Lewy!)

Also the almost getting kidnapped by the gay dude.... I was on intercambios with the zone leaders, and we were at a lunch.. and the relitives (don't know this one...I'm asking him...maybe investigators) were over. This one guy was sitting by me. Elder Hyde told me, just laugh, smile, and say 'si'. So I did. It worked perefctly. But he kept rubbing and touching my arm during lunch and staring at me. Then he leaned over, grabbed my head, and kissed it. jajaja It was like ahhh what!? After the awkward, uncomfotable lunch, we were waitng to leave. He started making jokes about kidnapping me...and then when nobody was looking he grabbed my arm and started to pull me outside. I GRABBED the arm of Elder Hyde and pulled him out with me jajajajaja!!! It was quite the experience. We left, then went to a lesson and that was good. Lots of creepy stuff in the villas....


I love you❤❤

Elder Heinzlmeir

Dont know what this is.(I's a giant grasshopper)

These were my wounds from the bed bugs whom I'm now BFFs with. Amigos4Siempre

Classic Canadian.

2 sweaters, Mittens and a facha Canadian. And 3 Latinos.

Didnt specifically mean for the photos to line up... But TACOS!! I ate alot..Also cooked the beef for like half hour. 

Quintana is there somewhere... Always Manaos.

That one time and times to come where i taught and will teach this famous barber who cuts hair all over South America, English. For free facha haircuts. 

This Pizza was really good, minus the olives... But it was chill

It tastes the same if yall were wondering

Pizza Roma in Lomus! Elder FigDig went to the hospital. Pollen.

Has his own Meme "Looking for new, sleeping missionary."

Canada swag hitten you from Argentine. 

I think the awkward 'narry' is hitten me hadrer then I thought....

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  1. Those bed bugs yikes!! What an adventure he is having