Friday, 3 March 2017

Churritos, calles and helado!

JAJAJA soooo the flippen Churritos stole my flippen pen. UGH! it had like 3 months of life left!!!!!! I just bought it too!! Churrito is like a niño churro, which is a gangster, so like they're not scary, just annoying. (hmm An annoying 'gangster' but not dangerous...I think it's a young boy perhaps) Also got flashed TWICE by them... that was interesting. They are so annoying!! I gave a less active lady a blessing, in English... because Spanish is hard, but I mean it was still pretty well! The calles (streets) turn into rivers when it rains... like straight up, I was like I was walking upstream in a river. 

Earlier this week it rained sooooo much! Two days...completely soaking wet jaja it was fun though. Singing hymns in the streets. The rest of the days were SOOOO HOT! I feel like I got 2.8 shades darker. Yeah, I know jaja. I'm starting to teach an ESL class so that will be fun!! Ordered some pizza, that was pretty yummy!! The cockroaches are disgusting. Also I don't know what keeps biting me at night, but I have little red dots, everywhere... sooo like it's chill, but  mean please stop biting me...(Eeeks...bedbugs?)  Español is coming, people can kind of understand me, if not, they just say straight up they have no idea what I said.. it's okay though-- no hard feelings jaja!! ICE CREAM!! Helado!!!! ahhhh its soooo good here, especially when its hot. Lots of stories of investigators, but I will share these when the story is finished!!!!! So stay tuned!!! 

Hair cut today, 

Love you all


Elder Heinzlmeir

I think he loves the sunrises...sunsets?

Yes, Lewis would find this is sort of funny

Pretty sure this is NOT his own bathroom, but he hasn't sent me captions yet...

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  1. That sounds awesome man! Glad to hear you are doing well and of course, getting to do good work! Best wishes from back here in Canada!