Monday, 13 March 2017

Raw meat...and mozzies...big ones!

This week was like super good and like super sketch jajaja, My trainer is from Chile, and the two other elders I live with are from Chile and Paraguay. It's fun. jajaja OPTIMISM! Thank you for the story about the sisters and patience, cause seriously, sometimes it's just so hard to be patient, because you want to help the people, but you can't because you can't say anything or understand what they are saying..but patience. (I related a story to him about a Sister missionary from Taiwan who trained at the Provo MTC before coming to Calgary area to serve her mission.  She had no English pre-mission and was supposed to be in the MTC for a longer stretch to learn the language, but they sent her to the mission after only 12 days of training!  She said she had no clue what was being said and she couldn't say anything for 3 months...then it all seemed to just 'click' and she was speaking and understanding.  Lewis is a perfectionist, and not being able to completely understand and speak Spanish has been discouraging, but he is doing well...with the odd 'bump' in the road (see below, lol).  Another month and he'll be really loving the language and feeling a new sense of belonging down there in Argentina!)

This week I mixed up the words 'awesome', and 'castrate'. Yup, that happened. Prime. Also had to ninja flip raw meat off my plate to my hand under the table to then throw into the bushes..without the family that fed us the raw meat seeing... it's all good jajaja but I ain't gunna eat raw beef... no thanks😂    

And oh I embarrassed myself two weeks in a row at church. I'm convinced I don't know how to play piano. During Sacrament, I played the wrong hymn... for the sacrament. I wondered why it was so joyful and happy... and then I was curious why no one was singing, and it was like halfway done..... and then someone got up.. and told me.. jajajajaja oh mom.... 

Yeah I held a tribal council with the bedbugs that were biting me, and now we are one. The bed bugs were so bad, the bites turned purple!!!! I thought for reals I had leprosy... but it's all good! The bites are big because there are just so many beside each other. 

Also mosquitos... are real. ugh They are a lot bigger here. It's like, do I sleep with the mosquito smoke by my bed and risk loosing brain cells, or do I get bit.... it's a tough question.  Still workin' on that one... I'll keep you updated. 

I'm here for at least 12 more weeks. More of training, but less then 4 weeks with my trainer because the ETM's are coming for two weeks. They are special missionaries who come and boost the missionary work.  They are like the specialists kinda deal!! So this transfer is gunna zooooooom by! and after that I'll stay one more here, or maybe two more if I train! 

All the kids letters are so cute!!

I'll share my investigators stories, when they have endings to them!! 

Also, I'm writing a paper on what I'm studying and then I'm going to send that home for you guys  to see!!!!

I will caption my photos jajaja, not promising they will make sense though...

All my love!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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