Thursday, 26 January 2017

McDonald's to the rescue!

This week was awesome. beautiful actually!!! I got to shake hands with Elder Stevenson!!!! His wife looked at my name tag and laughed and said, "good luck" hahahaha!!! He spoke, about missionary work and how our call is divine from God, and that we have incredible purpose! Study Acts 10. Labour finding your Cornelius!!!! This week really helped me figure out what kind of missionary I want to be.  And soooooo I guess you can expect some greater things from me.  So I'm so thankful I had opportunities this week, to humble myself! 

Our IPs are going GREAT!! Teaching in Spanish is difficult hahahaha but its fun!!! Im sooooooo excited to leave the CCM though.... hahaha I can't wait to meet my ward and mission pres!!! I think of you guys everyday. All the latinos go crazy when they see our family pic hahahahaha. You mean everything to me mamma.  I got the letter dad sent with everything from the fam, and that hit me hard. That made me realize how grateful I am for you and dad and my family. You inspire me to be a great missionary and to serve until I have holes in my shoes (I'll explain later). But thank you! 

 Proselyting was fun!! HAD MCDONALD'S!!!! It was awesome hahaha!!! Also gave a musical number in church which was super super cool!! 

Anyways, I love you mom. and I love dad and everyone else too!! Almost out of here and I can get to work!!!!!!

I'm working hard, and not giving up! 

Love you tons

Elder Heinzlmeir

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