Thursday, 2 February 2017

Football for days...and an awesome District!

Hey my lovely momma!!!!!! It's been a great week!  I'm getting into crossfit and I've been doing killer workouts!  I leave here Tuesday!!!!! 

AHH SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! Since this is in my mission already, my mission president is picking up all of us missionaries right from here!! Cant wait to leave! And yes, football for days (I asked him if he plays a lot of soccer)  hahahaha.I'm actually really good. I'm basically a white gringo Argentinian legend.(Oh he's so humble!) The latinos freak out when I score--its funny haha! Only sprained my ankle once this week haha!! Spanish is hard... it comes out French... and I don't know French anymore... but I also don't know Spanish, cause it's French... bleh it's hard haha! 

I have to get another haircut, because apparently my president likes clean cuts... so it shall be done. Obedience brings blessings so I'm on it because I like those blessings!! And I don't know when my next pday will be so I guess just watch for an email from me!!!!!!!!! 

I picked a soccer team to be my team... they are called Racing. I get made fun of and chastised 2/47 because of it haha.. They say PECHO FRIO!!!! It's like team talk, and it's like saying "oh you're so scared to play us" kinda thing. But if you say that outside to strangers, you'll get beat up... so i'ts for friends, only jajaja. I'm going to start laughing like that just so you know jajajaja. 

My district is awesome. They put up with my craziness... but they still love me. My teachers are awesome. I love them so much!! I've realized that being out here is going to fly by and I cant wait to hug my momma again>
Tell Dane happy baptism!!!!!!

GTG!!! but I'll email you as soon as I get another pday again okay!!!!! I'll have sufficient time to write more about my adventure!!!

I love you so much mammacita! 
Love familia dos!!!!

Talk to you soon!!

Elder King Lewy❤❤❤

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