Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hot, tough, but happy.

This update will be snippets from Elder Lewy's first letter to me.  He didn't have enough time to write more.  His plan was, that, if he had time, he would write a blog post for me to put here...but I think he only had time for an email to Mom this week.

He said it's been a hard week, and I think all of our missionaries would say the same thing...those first 2 or 3 weeks.  Especially if they had to learn a new language.  He's dying in the heat, but loves it.  His companion is actually from Oregon, but the other guys are all Latinos and he says that no one can say his name...not surprising considering no one on this continent can say it either!

He says that learning the language is hard, but he's getting it. (He's probably being hard on himself because he even took some lessons from a friend who served there, before he left...AND, he speaks French!)  He says that the latinos (6 or them) seem to be picking up English really well, but he and his companion aren't as fast with the Spanish. They actually get to go out in the communities around the MTC to do some proselyting!  I'm sure the folks are used to it...but of course he was like "Wait, what? I don't have any Español!"  But he said it was lots of fun.

His keyboard is Spanish, so there are lots of interesting typos.  He has a family photo with him and he shows it to everyone he meets (awe!) and he said that everyone thinks that we are the cast of Twilight.  Seriously?  I actually 'laughed out loud'.

The one thing that he has felt strongly, is the presence of his brother, Mac.  He feels him with him and helping him.  This is giving him strength to keep going and he understands his purpose there in Buenos Aires more clearly.  It's such a shock to the system...especially when our kiddos are sent to Missionary Training Centres in other's a lot different than going to the MTC in Provo! It's total immersion!

He was honest, and emotional in his letter, and that is my Lewy.  But he ended his letter by stating he is happy and loves what he is learning and is excited for what is to come.

He thanks everyone for their love and especially prayers for him at this time, and so do I!

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