Friday, 13 January 2017

So here are some snippets of his email...

"I play football with the latinos and they said I'm a good Gringo.  Soooo, Elder King Lewy has a challenge...100 bowls of cocoa puffs before I leave the MTC!  I think I'm at 30 already!  I'll have pictures!!!  3 bowls a day!!! We went into the city to do some visa stuff and it is beautiful!!"

"The teachers are awesome here  hahahahah they love me...they are so nice and very helpful.  It's 15 hours of Spanish a day...and staying at a desk is KILLING MEEEEE hahahaha and it's hard.  We have IPs which are mock lessons with investigators and they are all Spanish so we have to tach them in broken Spanish!  This Saturday we are going proselyting (finding and teaching people in the community) ahhhhh I'm so anxious for that!"

Short but sweet!  He's alive, he is learning...and, he has Cocoa Puffs.

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