Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rules, gunshots, horses and of course...Cocoa Puffs

Spanish is really difficult cause FRENCH does not help hahahahaha my Spanish is now French and my French is now Spanish... so when I get into the field, you should send me some French stuff to study so I don't lose it!!! Man rules are hard.. but I'm trying to be as obedient!. 

The new batch of latinos and North Americans come in now, so that will be fun!!!! 3 more weeks and then I can write longer emails!!!!! (they only have so much time for emails in the MTC and when they get out in the field, they usually have more time). 

I'm on bowl 50 of my 100 bowls of cocoa puffs before I leave!! I got a haircut.... hahahaha I don't like it!!! 

We went proselyting and we weren't in the ghetto this time. No gunshots. (...this gives his mother a lot of but I still managed to see another horse. (He didn't elaborate on this...hmmm..) haha  We met this one girl, she didn't believe in God but felt him and as I was able to teach her some things, but it was basically like "Let me help you by getting some missionaries who actually speak Spanish to teach you more!"  She was receptive! It kinda helped that she spoke some English.... but still it was pretty cool! 

The temple is beautiful!!! Like it really is!!!! I'm sending pics, which might explain some your questions!!! I love Odis mom. (Our Chihuahua)  please tell him and give him a treat for me hahaha and give yourself a kiss on the cheek!!  I can teach a lesson in broken Spanish. That's progress. There are lots of fun words to say! I'm excited to leave the CCM and get out there to teach and serve!

Love you all!

Buenos Aires Temple

This must be the tennis courts at the MTC

Buenos Aires Temple

Buenos Aires Temple was built in 1986

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