Friday, 21 July 2017

Testimony, letters from home and bad food. Oh, and Mike

Jesus is the Christ. I am all good. The work is going great. I am safe, and have not gotten shot. But this is what I wanted to share with you guys this week. 

Jesus really is the living son of our living God. Through him, we are centered on what matters. If we follow him, use his continuous atonement, and progress in our weaknesses and challenges, we will be blessed. Focus your lives on Christ. I've seen this change lives. Atheists who have a change of heart and accept Him, seeing them grow. It's real. He is real. Study the Living Christ, and Family Proclamation. They are such powerful resources. Keep your faith. Never let darkness overcome your spirit. You have potential, and are worthy to feel the love that our Father has for you. Read something from the Book of Mormon, every day. Pray. And always try. Always try. It will change your life. 
-Elder Heinzlmeir-

I love all the notes and stuff from the kids!!

Dad, i love the things from Canada!! I am sooo proud to be Canadian. A hermana from Vegas thought we spoke a different language.... 

This litterally killed me jajajajajajajaja i love it DANE!

I want to hang this up

I made horrible food...

The dogs here eat spaghetti. 
We have a dog. His name s MIKE

Compi told me he liked it out of obligation

Salta and Canada. 

It was church. Sorry for all the selfies... but like theres nothing more to take pictures of... Cause i cant take my camera outside... soooo its pics of me and my comp i guess

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