Monday, 10 July 2017

Nothing really happened this week. It rained a lot. We have been continuing trying to get our investigators to get married. Two of them have their date set for August 7th!!! They have been like members for like 5 years!!! So that's exciting! The other 2 are going Wednesday to find out when they can get married!! And Abuela, she is still smoking...but were are working on that!!!!! And me and compi are good!! Gunna work hard these next two weeks, and hope for miracles!! 
Church was good!! We have a tormanata blanca this Saturday! So all the missionaries in our zone are coming to help do contacts! And the whole ward is coming to help!! 

Hope for a litt week!!!

Love you all. 

Your Canadian!


District activity!!! PING PONG AND POOL

I Suck at pool. thats okay jajajaja

Elder Medina, is un CAPO

ELDER ROMNEY el es mi amigo. y presidente.. jajajaja un chiste no mas

COMPI. El piene que el es un scientifico. le amo

Piza un poquito trucho. pero esta ben. 

Elder Bravo.... 2 semanas.... fetch. un poquito trunky....

Nuestro distrito. 

stake centre!! there all the same! and beautiful!!!



exactly my thoughts

Elder Albert. Love him so much!!

Un selfie para mi famili que le amo mucho.

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