Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Facturas, spider bites and cow tongue...

This week was overall super chill!! Super tranquilo!!(quiet) The ward here is AWESOME! I think the ward likes me... because we have lunch everyday!!!! YAY! Not sure if they REALLY understand when I speak, but they are polite and make sure that I feel like they do jajajaja! 

Elder Swenson, and Bravo, moved penches, (apartment or flat) so it's just me and compi.(companion) for 3 more weeks! 

We now have two extra mattresses, entonces,(this means 'so') we put one under ours!! TWO MATTRESSES! It's like sleeping on clouds!  It's a little higher from the ground, and away from the spiders! I don't like them! They keep biting my face!! People say, "you should wash your face maybe you won't have so many zits".... Yeah no... Spider bites. jajaja but I still smile so it's okay!

Last week , forgot to tell you, I ate this delicious sandwich, and after, my comp goes. You know that was cow tongue, right? I was like, "Oooooooh really?" Isn't that great...So now, apparently I've eaten cow tongue. It was like roast beef, but in tongue form. Bleh.

Today for district activity, were playing ping pong and pool! and having pizza! after, I'm making pancakes to celebrate!! CANADA DAY!!!!!!! Shout out to mamma and pa, for their  28th Anniversary!!!
I'm so proud to be Canadian!

In the conference that we had with president Clayton, like 3 times, he gave me a shoutout!!!! All the way from CALGARY!! Love being the only Canadian!!! 

Love you all!!! 

Have an amazing week!!!❤

As everyone in the mission knows me as...


Celebrated Mac and Kaitlin's birthday with facturas, cuz there's no Tim's here
 Anyone interested in learning more about 'facturas', here is a great website...


Mi compi

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