Monday, 24 July 2017

Investigator updates!

SOOOO my saltañio left!! In comes Ecuador!! Elder Guzman!!! Stoked to start working with him!!! 

This week went as follows:

WORK!!!!!!! Our investigators are solid!!!!!!!! Martin and Gladys, who's kids are all baptized are going this Thursday to FINALLY get a date, to get married!!! And then we can baptize them!!! They are amazing. their progress is so crazy! They are a different family from when we started teaching them!! 

Matias, and his not official wife I think, are getting back together.. so they might need to get married now, but he's doing really well!!! He tells people that he is a member already jaja he's great!! 

Abuela!!!!! Man she's something special. She forgets everyday she quit smoking, but she quit!!!!! So she's getting baptized this Saturday!! We taught her the plan of salvation for the 3rd time, and she gets it now. In Principles of the Gospel, she got a question right!!! Where do we go when we die? and she said, the spirit world!!!! And it was like YAY!! SHE UNDERSTANDS! and then later, the teacher asked, where did Jesus go when he was dead for 3 days.... she yells, HE WENT TO GET THE KEY TO HELL....... me and compi like almost fell off our chairs jajajajaja like what WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?????

Hope. jajaja She's great thought!! 

DOMINGO AND HILDA!!! Yes, his name is Sunday in translation... but THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED on the 7th, and then they are getting baptized on the 12th!! After 5 years of never missing a day at church!!  It will be a very meaningful baptism!! 

Adela, she's awesome. making tons of progress! Super special lady. We are trying to get her to be baptized this Saturday as well!! Super spiritual lessons!! 
Elder Bravo goes home. SAD! But he was a great missionary!! 

Evengalistas, have great music. HAY LIBERTAD EN LA CASA DE DIOS!!!! jajaja dancin with flags!! Love it!! 

Also, we had one night teaching evangelistas, and they were yelling at each other, fighting with each other using the bible.. it was like bruh chill. then the drunk guy who was there, started slaying the others telling us, we had the truth, it was like hey thanks jajajajaja!! 

THis week was sweet. Ate a lot of pancakes!!!!!!!! 

CANADA is the best!!!!

This is our dog...Mike

Ask me how my mish is going? its all there.

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