Monday, 12 June 2017

Pictures do the talking this week...

355 yo. que chetooooo

legit so yumm, i baught them once

miracle in south america

i paid him to take this photo. i was trying to be happy after bad internet connections. ya fue cyber

tea night. only elder jensen liked it

Elder Rich looking Rich. so was the cake

This is the beloved Juan Carlos... nuf said..

Me and Elder Jensen at the Expo!!!!!!! Swisserland... waffels?

Que rico

they were SPICY! loved them soooo much

We're not tourists

Yeah sooooo I didn't have a beard... and i swear my mole isn't that big.... 

Probably the creepiest thing ever

stake president's family!! they were so nice!!!!!!!

This is Olga and some of her 10 kids. She's the best. Its actually sad that we left her.

She is a recent convert!!! She's super nice! always made us sweet cake!!!

Elder Cluff's novia. Ella se llama Mariel. 

mi casa... well i mean was. top floor baby

farewells to the ETMs

This dog was hit by a car, and then they didn't amputate his leg, too expensive... so it just hangs there... like that.... I think its funny. I almost killed it once. His name is Polo.


my texan


Someone hooked us UUPPPPPPP

Elder Bonifaz

Elder Cluff

Grant is doing alright.. gave him his vtamins today

ANNNNNNND WE HAVE THE NEW CREW. LONGCHAMPS. Here is toooooooo speaking Spanish... lol.
Ivan's baptism!

This was the weekly btw. It's like a picture book. I'll have some more dog stories next week.


IM TURNING 20!!!!!! Who knew I would actually grow up?

ya. jajajaja


Elder H. was transferred to Longchamps! His new companion is from Argentina! His name is Elder Castro.  No more cozy American companions who speak English first~  Back to Spanish only!  He's doing great with the language though and loving it more and more.

It was a busy day because of transfers so I'm sure next week he'll have a lot to say!

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