Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Food that was meant for dogs...

From this email subject you can already know this week was interesting...
To change this up a bit, decided to change the usual, pasta with tomato puree... so I made some Pan de Carne.. in English...meatloaf. No, not the kind grandma makes when you come in from making a snowman. No, this is the CANNED form. Some would mistake it for Dog Food, but really is intended for humans. 
It was practice. OOOHH Hermana, su comida es MUY RICO!!!! (Oh sister, your food is very tasty!)  Cough cough, sip water, gags, sips water.... Bleh, it was great jajajaja!

Douglas died. Our house newt. I shed some tears. Oh, I was sick, but all good now. Had some movie nights with ice cream with mi compa. It was LITT. Love church movies. 

Intercambios (exchanges) con Elder Tolintino, He's from Peru and has 3 weeks left in the mish... He's muy Capo!! Fetch jaja the mish is so interesting.
Ever Saturday, we call the mornings, Tormenta blanca. This means white storm. All the missionaries from the zone, gather in one zone and help get contacts and NI. Nuevo Investigadres. And we were helping the sisters. The area that me and my comp had, was super super cheto... as in rich. They were super angry at us. They don't like Mormons... I was accused of being a Yankee... which is a white person from the states.. through his yelling and cussin' in Spanish, I reassured him I'm from Canada... Didn't seem to help. I apologized for using his electricity to ring his doorbell. That didn't help either.(shocker) I waved a told him I hope he has a good day. JAJA it was funny.

CONTACT in ENGLISH!!!!! Wow that was weird. Whe is a government translator, and English is hard. (I assuming it's hard for HER, unless he's already forgotten it himself!) But it was really cool to talk with a Latina in English!!!! 

I'm getting FOFO.... it means flabby. That stops now. 

Oh yeah, saw a drug deal. SUPER NOT LOW KEY... drugs are a problem here. And everyone smokes WEED!!  All is well here in San Alberto. JA JA jajaja

I love you!!!❤

Elder Figueroa

Elder King Lewy

Papanua en el mision

Nope. Its not dog food. Its people food.

Yes. I ate this.

Hermana, es muy RICO... No. Disgusting



Lol.. excuse my fofoness


Dats Mirna and some niƱas

Don't ever eat this... it is not from America. mentiras (lies)

Yeah.. sorry

Someone had too much ranch... 

It wasn't the greatest....

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